Signs That You Have A Toxic Family Environment

If you experience an occasional quarrel within your siblings and disagreements with your parents, that’s okay. You are still under a good family relationship. Those misunderstandings help you realize the roles of everyone in the unit. However, if family issues are persistent and constant, then perhaps you are dealing with a dysfunctional family environment. If you are not aware of the breeding conflict, anxiety, stress, and fear among family members, here are the following signs that can tell.


You Feel Alone And Invisible All The Time

There are significant moments that you need to spend time alone with yourself. It allows you to gain awareness of the things around you. However, if that self-isolation seems to entail neglect from your family members, it can be incredibly damaging not only to your mental health but also to your emotional health. Usually, you get to experience that when your parents and siblings are often busy. It makes you feel invisible when they spend too much time with work, friends, and other stuff that doesn’t involve you. Usually, your family never makes time to hang out with you, and they never notice how you are doing.

You Feel Discarded And Misunderstood

It is normal for every family to have misunderstandings. Perhaps you already tried talking to them about how you feel. However, when you feel like no one in your family seems to care and understand what you are going through, it can imply that you might be living in a toxic environment. Unfortunately, when your family doesn’t care, it would not matter to them even if you cry for help. They will not support and care for you even though it is pretty obvious that you are struggling. These individuals will remain indifferent and unsympathetic.


You Feel Pressured All The Time

Your family is supposed to help and accept you no matter what. But if you feel a little lost, worthless, and full of guilt because you are not meeting their unrealistic high standards, perhaps there is something wrong in the relationship. You’ll recognize your home environment’s toxicity when your family is imposing conditions of worth on you. Thus, forcing you to become someone else or better. It is a toxic behavior because you begin to do things for your family only because you want recognition. You even force yourself to live up to their expectations. You deal with their constant criticism and judgmental treatment.

You Feel Suffocated Being With Them

Your family should be another positive thing that can make you happy and satisfied with life. However, when you feel suffocated just by being around them, it is a sign of toxicity. It is where you think you need to come home and spend time with them even if it doesn’t make you feel excited. You feel like you only have to be with them because you have no choice. Sometimes, a toxic family hinders you from having a comfortable life. They will make you feel guilty for supposedly abandoning them. Usually, these family members paint you as a villain to the story.


You Feel Used And Taken For Granted

As part of the circle of your family, there are things you do for them as well. You show love and care so that they will know how much you value them in your life. However, when you feel like your family members are only kind to you when they need something, that is a different story. It is a definite red flag courtesy of having a toxic family. Usually, family members who act this way often manipulate you. They somehow know how to take advantage of you. These people exploit you because they know they can get whatever they want. You become nothing more to them than a means to an end. Thus, these individuals will continually take everything from you without ever considering giving something back.

You Feel Constantly Unhappy

It is common for families to have occasional bad days. Honestly, that’s what makes it more interesting in understanding yourself and others. It is entirely healthy, and there is nothing wrong with that. But in a toxic familial situation, this feeling is somewhat unacceptable. It drags you down into an overwhelming sense of negativities. Most of the time, even though you find a way to make things better, your family stops you from being happy. They have this mentality that you are not supposed to be happy if they are not happy themselves. It feels like they are trying to tell you that their issues in life are your entire fault.


Note that there is no perfect peaceful family. Every family relationship is different. But if you happen to notice that this toxicity builds up over time, it would be best to secure yourself. Do not allow this toxic environment to rot, and don’t wait for things to come into an unbearable point.