Laugh in the Face of Mental Disorder: Finding Humor During Distressing Times



Programming a mindset for humor is psychologically healthy. Ask your doctor about it.

You know what’s probably the best treatment for a couple of mental disorders? Laughter. It’s widely available,and most importantly, it’s free! It doesn’t matter how or why it made you laugh or giggled or even guffawed, what matters is that by watching something hilarious, you were able to lessen the adverse effects of your stress and disorder.


Not a laughing matter

Though laughing may not cure ailments, scientifically, it can do a lot of advantages to the mind and body. Having a satisfying laugh can instantly provide constructive effects. Aside from lightening your mental load, it influences various physical changes occurring inside the body. By teaching yourself to find humor in simple predicaments or distressing situations, you are utilizing laughter to your gain through the acquisition of its long-time effects as well. Remember, “Happy people do things differently. They make their emotional wellbeing a priority and practice daily and weekly habits that help them create joy, happiness and satisfaction in their lives.” Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC said.




What are the different benefits of laughter?

  1. Easing tension

Marla W. Deibler, PsyD explains that “overwhelm might manifest as an intense emotion, such as anxiety, anger or irritability; maladaptive thought process, such as worry, doubt or helplessness; and behavior, such as crying, lashing out or experiencing a panic attack.” Laughter eases tension by stimulating proper circulation and helping in the relaxation of the muscles so that it can decrease physical manifestations of stress.

  1. Boosting immune system

Laughter boosts the body’s immune system. When negative, pessimistic thoughts arise, it triggers specific chemical responses inside the body that cause the thefurther production of stress hormones into the system that affects the body’s immunity tenfold. By encouraging happy, positive thoughts, it stimulates the release of neuropeptides which aid in fighting mentally-related disorders due to stress and other external factors.

  1. Enlivening several systems and organs

Laughter can energize and enhance the central systems and organs in the body, like the lungs, heart, brain, and even the muscles. Thinking or seeing something amusing also sets off endorphin production. Endorphins, as well as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, are considered as the body’s happy hormones.


Bolster your laughter

Improving a person’s sense of humor is a skill that needs ample time to develop. Strategic allocation of humor is as essential as experiencing one. By training the mind on a daily basis to practice recognizing the humor in small things, you can improve your concentration and mood. How do you enhance the sources of laughter in your life and manage to inculcate it in stress tasks or activities?




  1. Recreate your environment.

According to Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC, “Your environment, both your social and natural surroundings, can greatly impact how you feel.” By placing things on any surface that your eyes usually set its sights on, you are successfully planting small seeds of laughter in your environment. For example, deliberately post some comic strips or photos on your desk. Whenever you feel like you’re having an exhausting day, these silly reminders will undoubtedly make you snicker. You can also scour the internet for funny videos and jokes.


  1. Drop by your favorite pet store.

A belly rub a day can take your stress away. According to various reports, spending some quality time with animals or even just hanging around a pet store can significantly enhance a person’s mood and get rid of the stresses caused by work, relationships, and society in general. Seeing various species of dogs, cats, and birds playing around can elicit laughter. Try dropping by a pet store on your way home and notice the significant changes in your gloomy disposition.


  1. Influence laughter.

Sharing something funny is like multiplied laughter. When you laugh, the world will laugh as well. Find time in your busy day to share with your friends some funny videos of babies, or silly animals, or jokes that you’ve read.




Find humor in everything

Mental disorder therapies can be costly and time-consuming; whereas laughter is the exact opposite yet highly effective. Our environment is full of things that inspire humor. You just need a good set of eyes and an open mind to embrace your funny side fully.