Finding “A Counseling Near Me”



Are you struggling inside but not sure what to do? Are you searching for help but hesitant about where you should go? Mental health is most of the time ignored. People are too confident with their psychological capacity that they do not give importance to signs which are indicative of problems. Do not be like most people. Take the first step toward a healthy mind.

As you type in “counseling near me,” what are you actually looking for? Do you have someone or something in mind? What are your expectations? If it is your first time to seek professional help, you might be clueless about what to look for? All you have in mind is to get help with the current struggle you are experiencing. Stacy Donn Cristo, LMHC once said, “Many people turn to therapy because they feel as though they are not functioning. Most people come feeling depressed or anxious and fear that they are defective.” That explains it.

What You Should Be Looking For When You Are Searching For “Counseling” Or “A Counselor Near Me”:

  1. Search for someone who offers the help you need. According to The New York Times, when your concern is you are troubled with illnesses such as depression, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, the professional you should be looking for is a psychologist instead of a psychiatrist.
  2. Look for qualifications and credentials. It gives you ease to know that you will be assisted by someone who has extensive experience or knowledge about your case. Look for past experiences and specialties. Take time to read the counselor’s biography and philosophy. Find out if he or she is the person you need. But remember, “Experience and credentials are important, but it’s usually the personality of a therapist and the therapeutic rapport that develops between teen and therapist that is the most important factor of all.” That is according to Kathryn Rudlin, LCSW.
  1. Find a counselor who would not cost you a fortune. Of course, your health is priceless, but that does not mean you have to be financially problematic to get help. Search for a counselor who has a qualification and credibility but at the same time affordable.
  2. Look for online reviews about the counselor and search for previous cases he or she had handled and read through any comments about his or her services. You will definitely know much information from the internet that will help you decide whether you will opt to seek his or her services.
  3. Once you think you have chosen a counselor to help you out, you can visit his or clinic to meet in person. Make an appointment if you may. It will give you an experience of how your counseling sessions will be. Although the first impression is not always the last, your gut can tell you whether you are comfortable with someone or not.

We should all give importance to our mental health that’s why we should seek help once we notice there is something different in our behavior that is affecting how we function every day and how we get along with the people around us.

The internet could provide you with the help you need regarding finding the right counselor. All you have to do is type in “counseling near me,” and the list of counselors nearby will be available for you to browse through.

Always be thorough in choosing the right counseling for you because your mental wellness depends on the help you get. “A good therapist should be open and willing to understand your concerns. If your counselor doesn’t take your concerns seriously or is unwilling to accept feedback, then it’s probably in your best interest to consult with another therapist about it.” Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, LMHC said. As much as possible, be very keen and do not rush onto every counselor you see. Take your time and ascertain your mental wellness.