Battling With Our Inner Demons (Mental Health Discussion)

Every one of us has our inner demons. Some of it resonates with the traumatic experience, low self-confidence, or fear of failure. That is okay. We all have to deal with things that we sometimes know eat us from the inside and out. But contrary to what we often believe, inner demons are not formless forces of evil that influences us to do bad things. Instead, it is the response in behavior that we do to survive emotionally and mentally. Our inner demons come from the thought that we need to process and heal from. To face it, we need to accept its existence and confront our fears. That way, we can become a better version of ourselves.



The Unexplained Weight Above Our Head

Our inner demons vary from one person to another. However, one similarity that every one of us experiences is the unexplained weight above our head. It is as if every day is a mess. It feels like there is a mountain in front of us that we need to climb. There is this feeling that impending doom is just around the corner, waiting for a perfect moment to drag us down the pit. Usually, that weight of inner demons is the depression that we secretly have. It turns out that the struggle we are dealing with is a serious mental health disorder that causes damage to all aspects of our lives. It makes us feel worthless, empty, exhausted, and guilty for nothing in particular.

The Immeasurable Sense Of Indignity

Often, our inner demons are so powerful that it makes us want to isolate ourselves from everyone. That is because of the self-consciousness and embarrassment we feel, even if we shouldn’t have to. In some instances, that shame becomes self-hate overtime. It takes a toll on all phases of our lives and makes us believe that we are incapable of a lot of things. That particular immeasurable sense of indignity is our low self-esteem. It is an inner demon that waits to be rectified. Because if not, it will continue with its voices in our head, inputting ideas that we are not good enough.


The Unwanted Voices In Our Head

The voices in our heads often represent our inner demons. It is as if there is someone inside us that continuously tells us we are not good enough and that we are stupid for creating a mistake. That explains why we sometimes curse and look down on ourselves in the mirror. It is an inner demon that signifies self-criticism. It is like having a literal monster living inside of our heads. The voices are responsible for isolating us and making us feel that we can’t do things on our own. That is why when we try something new or consider taking a risk, that voice mocks us. It sticks to the idea that we will always fail, that we can never change, and that we will be forever alone.

The Constant Thought Of Things Not Being Right

In a more discrete representation of our inner demons, we often feel that something is not right. It is a kind of feeling that distracts us from thinking straight. Our mind gets filled with negative thoughts, and that makes us expect bad things to happen. Ironically, we don’t like bad things to happen, but we feel relieved when it occurs. We validate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors based on the negative result we expect to take place. That particular inner demon is known as anxiety – a mental health disorder that keeps growing over time. It causes serious symptoms such as rapid heart rate, dreadfulness, hyperventilation, and panic attacks.


The Comfort Of Playing It Safe

Our inner demons have a lot to do with our fear, particularly in the idea of failing. We are afraid to fail that we sometimes never consider trying. The fear of failure prevents us from developing our strengths and often locks us with weakness and incapability. It stops us from moving forward to making things better for our growth and development in an unfortunate situation. The concept of fear is scary that we often do not attempt to fight it. We choose to play it safe, not understanding that when it seeps in every aspect of our lives, it cripples us up to the point that we no longer want to do things.


These inner demons may be loud or can show significant points to ponder, but these don’t mean they are correct. It is vital that we all practice self-awareness. Our painful emotions don’t immediately represent the whole of us. Thus, we need to find courage in removing these toxicities that lies within us. We have to put up a fight and win against all circumstances. Yes, it is not easy. But with a little motivation, positivity, and self-love, winning from our inner demons becomes 100% possible.