Why Online Counseling Helps According To The 2016 Boston Technology Psychiatry Summit

Why Online Counseling Helps According To The 2016 Boston Technology Psychiatry Summit

Online counseling was one of the topics highlighted during the 2016 Boston Technology Psychiatry Summit. You see, that happened around the same year when this new form of therapy for depression and anxiety got introduced to the world. If I am being honest now, that was one of the primary reasons why I wanted to attend the event. It was interesting to talk about the possible treatments for autism, ADHD, and other mental conditions too, but I honestly gravitated towards the probability of getting psychological help without meeting a mental health professional in person.

Considering three years have already passed since that conference, and you still can’t tell if you whether you should do it or not, below are the benefits of signing up for online counseling.

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1. It Is Not An Expensive Treatment

The first thing that may make virtual psychotherapy extra likable is the fact that your bill there will not be as high as when you go to a mental health facility. Although your health insurance won’t cover it, your budget won’t suffer when you add more or less a hundred bucks to your expenses.

2. You Will Work With Licensed Counselors Too

If your concern is that it won’t be a real treatment, you should understand that the therapists you will talk to are licensed psychologists or psychiatrists. They are no different from the professionals who operate in a clinic when it comes to credentials. However, make sure that you only go to a legitimate online counseling platform.

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3. The Treatment Can Remain Confidential

Lastly, even though mental health facilities keep their patients’ records hidden from the rest of the world, someone may still see you going in or out of the treatment center. That will cause people to question their presence there, and then make them want to probe until they learn about your condition. Nevertheless, if you get treated online, no one will likely know about it since you’ll be using your smartphone or laptop.

Final Thoughts

Online counseling remains a controversial topic across the globe right now. Many stand by its effectivity; others are skeptical about trying it. The reality, though, is that no treatment will genuinely work if the patient does not embrace the tips and tricks offered by the counselor.

Find out if online counseling is for you today!