Reasons Why I Need Counseling

I always believed that everything about my personality was something I choose for myself. I often told people that I understand my feelings, thoughts, and behaviors more than anyone could because it is me. That explained my prompt attitude towards others’ opinions about how I run my life. They were something I constantly shrug off despite being helpful at most times. I guess there is nothing wrong with that, right? I am confident and self-aware. Isn’t that what matters? But I guess it was too early to conclude that asking for others’ opinions and suggestions is useless because I am experiencing an emergent issue right now. I strongly believe I need counseling because of these particular cues.


No Personal Development – Since I am all about myself, I never entirely understand what self-development is. I thought that once I became confident about myself, that’s it. There is nothing to improve because I can already do things based on a general standard. However, I realized that even if my self-esteem is stable, I can’t seem to hold onto my strengths and qualities. I got stuck in a loop with no knowledge and skill self-improvements. I can’t maximize my potential because I am so used to facilitating what’s already there. I do not have a goal of creating a better version of my overall sense of identity.

No Desired Goal To Reach – I asked many people about what they want in life and often came up with specific goals they want to achieve someday. Generally, it is about how they want to become successful and all that. But when I questioned myself, I realized that I do not have the desired goal to reach. It is funny because, at this point, I was certain that I am happy and contented just living my life the way it is. I do not want to engage in a stressful environment, and I don’t want to change what I am already used to doing. For me, I have already found contentment in a simple life without a goal.


Can’t Ditch Old Habits – I was certain I need counseling because of the struggle in ditching old habits. I don’t smoke nor drink tons of alcohol, by the way. But the old habit I was referring to is the inability to resist wasting my time for nothing. I do not have proper time management, so I often end up cramming only to accomplish daily tasks. It was a habit I am used to, and I thought there was no problem with that since it often provided me with a lot of spare time. But I also understand the consequences of not doing things on time. I suffered a lot with missed chances.

Can’t Exert An Effort In Doing Anything – I have this mentality that whatever I do, I should not put all my effort into it because it is not always that I get to reach whatever I want. I usually held onto the idea that if it is for me, I would surely get it. If it is not, I should stop worrying about it and never waste time and energy trying to obtain it. Since I am used to doing what I do every day. I do not feel the need to explore and experience something I haven’t tried yet. I always felt like I have a lot to lose when I exert effort. Thus, I prefer a little disappointment over the big ones.


Can’t Accept Change – I take my decisions seriously not intend to make some considerations. For me, change is terrifying. I believed it would only bring me so much pain and agony. However, it is not something like me clinging to the past. It is not like that. It is just that I do not often think that I would see myself doing different things and moving in a different direction. I am comfortable staying in a state where I am right now because I value familiarity than a new experience. I do not intend to feel a little discomfort and lose all the convenience because I tried changing some practices.

Not Breaking Toxic Relationship Patterns – I need counseling because there is something about my life that brings me so much emotional and mental health issues. These are the toxic patterns I often do, particularly when dealing with people. I can’t seem to put myself in a beneficial position. I always gave way to others even if I know they are already taking advantage of me. I have this sense that I should endure toxic relationships so that people won’t leave me. I do not want to be alone, so I thought that I should just let them hurt, criticize, and humiliate me whenever they want.