Preventing Depression From Ever Coming Back

I love being able to say that I overcame depression once upon a time. It is one tough opponent to beat, to be honest. It almost pushed me to take my life and leave everything behind. Fortunately, I opened my eyes one day and realized that that’s not what I should be doing. Instead, I needed to find the courage and face the dark thoughts playing in my mind repeatedly.


According to Charmaine J. Simmons, LPC, “Depression is an illness, an illness that you have little control over, just like any other illness. Nobody tells people with broken bones to get over their pain.” But after months of going to one-on-one and group therapies, I felt a positive change in me. I started smiling at my friends, therapist, and family members naturally. Gone was the forced smile that was once plastered on my face. I could laugh for real as well when someone cracks a joke, whether it’s in person or on TV. It was no longer difficult for me to express other emotions, such as anger, sadness, frustration, etc. In other words, my facial muscles were getting more exercise than ever.

One thing I learned first-hand after becoming unemployed post-depression, though, was that the mental disorder could come back anytime. I see it as an unyielding virus that stays at bay when you feel healthy, but it comes backs when it notices a sign of weakness. At the time, it scared me so much. Still, I knew how much I did not want to return to the depression lane, so I thought of wants to prevent it from happening again.

Stop Monitoring Others’ Comments Online

“The rise and growing significance of social media has caused an influx of mental health concerns, such as low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Now is the time to start paying attention to how social media is influencing your life choices and mental health.” Brie Shelly, MS, LMHC, RYT said. So the first thing that you need to do is to stop using social media. Such channels may be useful for communicating with loved ones from different parts of the globe, but they can become tools for bringing your self-esteem down. After all, that’s where you can find photos and videos of individuals who are more beautiful and wealthier than you. There may also be negative comments about you that you may take seriously. For this reason, you should lay off monitoring your social media accounts.


Don’t Give Yourself Too Many Choices

“Happy people make healthier choices,” explains Scott Glassman, PsyD A trick that I developed after my depression phase was limiting my options to A and B. “It’s either I go to this place, or I head towards that spot.” “If there’s no spaghetti on the menu today, I will have a burger or vice versa.” “If my job application does not push through, I will send it to another company.” Catering to more choices than that will merely give you a headache, so don’t do that.

Let Life Take Its Course

Having too much to say about how your life should be can induce depression as well. It will force you to have a detailed outline of your life’s progression, you see. If something wrong happens, and it’s not on your plan, it may cause you to feel down. So, you need to let life take its course instead.


Final Thoughts

Preventing depression from coming back is easier than you imagine. It is all in mind, after all. If you are aware of what you are going through, no disorder can sneak up on you.