Longboarding With Atom Drop-through Longboard – A Review

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Do you feel as if your current longboard is limiting your chances of becoming one of the most celebrated skaters in the world? That hunch may be true, especially if every ride only brings more parts to fix. The problem, however, does not lie in your maneuvering skills. This is most probably because you have been using a longboard that has a disastrous combination of faulty trucks, uneven board, and overly large wheels. Thus, to reverse your misfortune, check out the Atom Drop Through Longboard review that will make you want one.

Who Can Use The Longboard?

  • Novice skaters
  • Students
  • Office workers
  • Sports enthusiasts

Strong Deck

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The deck has been made with maple laminate. The maple is a hard material on its own. Yet, for this item, the wood has been sealed to increase its durability. The laminate is impenetrable by water. You can ride through puddles or get rained on, and your longboard will be fine. This also drops slightly in the middle. It ensures that your weight goes to the center of the deck so that you can cruise steadily on top of the board.

Stable Perimeter Shape

The form adds to the strength of the longboard. It takes the shape of a speed board, which is believed to the best deck when it comes to stability. The front end is narrower than the rear end. Such a design can guarantee a faster and more even downhill movement. Since it drops closer to the ground as well, you will have a balanced center of gravity. For beginners, you will not get the sensation either of falling on your face.

Lack Of Wheel Bite

Wheel bites can derail your enjoyment when longboarding, as they will force your board to stop. Lucky for you though, this longboard will keep you from experiencing that once more. This is due to the reverse kingpin trucks that it has. The said trucks are taller than the regular ones, that’s why the wheels will not touch the bottom side of the board. Aside from the lack of wheel-biting, it can be good as well for carving or cruising.

Smooth Wheels

Source: pexels.com

The wheels installed on the longboard are super high rebound urethane. Its size is pretty standard, but the wide lips allow a larger portion of it to come in contact with the surface. To understand it easily, think of it as your own feet. If you are not a ballerina, walking on your tip-toes can give you injuries. However, that will not happen if you do it with both of your feet flat on the ground.


  • You can skate down on a steady and large board.
  • The material used to construct the deck will last long.
  • The deck flexes a bit when you step on it and makes the longboard more stable.
  • The designs will not peel off, as they have been heat-transferred to the wood.
  • Its wide-lipped wheels offer more stability as well.


  • It does not have the right bearings, in case you want to skate very fast.
  • The reverse kingpins will need to be adjusted before you ride the longboard. Or else, it will be hard to maneuver this.
  • It requires hexagonal metric screws, which you may not always have in the bag.
  • You are not supposed to loosen the trucks so much to speed the longboard up.

Final Verdict

I would highly suggest Atom drop-through longboard for novice skaters. This will let you cruise the streets better than the other boards. The fact that the deck bends down a little can help you feel more at ease with moving downhill. Its stability and durability are on point, and the wheels will not bite the deck.