Marriage And Family Therapy

[What It Can Do For Your Relationships]


We see a lot of happy couples and families on TV or the internet. We may be envious or jealous of how much love and peace they have in their home, but we do not realize what may be happening in between, or perhaps what has happened in the past. All relationships such as marriage and family will go and may have gone through a lot of trials that have tested the bond within. It is up to the husband and wife or each family member to fight for the relationship they have.

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Benefits Of Mental Distractions


When I was still depressed, puzzles were my constant companion. Back then, I used to hear voices in my head, which would make me think of attempting suicide so that they would stop. My depression was not too severe for me to realize how wrong that idea was, though, so I decided to look for a distraction — the puzzles. Continue reading Benefits Of Mental Distractions

Preventing Depression From Ever Coming Back

I love being able to say that I overcame depression once upon a time. It is one tough opponent to beat, to be honest. It almost pushed me to take my life and leave everything behind. Fortunately, I opened my eyes one day and realized that that’s not what I should be doing. Instead, I needed to find the courage and face the dark thoughts playing in my mind repeatedly. Continue reading Preventing Depression From Ever Coming Back

Getting Started With Online Counseling At The 2016 Boston Nami Walk Event

Online counseling proves to be one of the most effective forms of therapy at the 2016 Boston Nami Walk Event. Also known as e-therapy, it now involves a digital and optional face-to-face encounter between the counselor and the patient.

Why Resort To Online Counseling

Lots of people, especially the depressed ones, are intentionally avoiding getting professional help because of the stigma. Declining mental health, as a myth believed by many, is a sign of getting crazy. Availing professional help, therefore, became a metaphor that one is getting crazy.


It is one of the primary reasons why online counseling is here – to avoid stigma. While many are ‘brave’ enough to subscribe to traditional face-to-face therapies, the burden of exerting time and effort becomes the main issue. In this online therapy, counselors are reachable anywhere and at any hour convenient for the two of you. No need to get out of the house, brave the traffic and the weather, and waste a lot of time just to get ready for an appointment.

How Effective Can It Be For Everyone

People who are always engrossed on their jobs, studies, and families find this type of therapy more effective than the conventional ones. People who are suffering from social anxiety and stressed situations find more comfort in online counseling.

Regardless, licensed therapists behind these digital facilities are guaranteed to assure that their level of expertise remains the same and that data privacy is their number one priority. Their response to every situation where their advice is immediately needed is shown to be undeniably faster than that in traditional counseling. 


Experts in the field of psychological health, as well as participant counselors and psychiatrists, are hopeful that this event introduced online counseling very well.  It is presented to be a new and guaranteed avenue to decrease a person’s chances of being depressed. Online therapy, as they conclude, is an effective way to mitigate a worse mental issue which the public needs to hear about nowadays.

Laugh in the Face of Mental Disorder: Finding Humor During Distressing Times



Programming a mindset for humor is psychologically healthy. Ask your doctor about it.

You know what’s probably the best treatment for a couple of mental disorders? Laughter. It’s widely available,and most importantly, it’s free! It doesn’t matter how or why it made you laugh or giggled or even guffawed, what matters is that by watching something hilarious, you were able to lessen the adverse effects of your stress and disorder.

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Calming the Storm Within: Managing Suicidal Tendencies Before it’s Too Late



Taking one’s life due to external stressors and tragedies can be prevented if you know how it started. By realizing and acknowledging the warning signs of suicide, one would be able to immediately manage it before it gets worse and result in a formidable outcome.

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